Monday, September 17, 2012

Use alphabet stamps to create sweet messages for your kid's lunch.

I'm taking a quick break from all the Halloween posts to share a fun concept I came up with today - embossed food made using alphabet stamps. I was asked by Horizon Organic to come up with a fun lunch for kids to share on their Pinterest page and while I was playing around in the kitchen this morning I discovered a new use for alphabet stone stamps. Those of you who are regular readers have seen them used on my Cookies 'n Cream Tombstones, and my Sweet Serenity Stones and I just knew I'd find many other uses for them. I tried them out on a number of food stuffs and found they worked great on cheese, bread, and tortillas.

I always thought it was nice for a child to open his or her lunchbox to find a sweet message inside. Now you can leave that message right on the food. So whether you want to tell them "good luck" on an exam, or to "have a nice day", or anything at all, it's easy to do using the stamps.

Just simply press the stamps into the food to create your special lunch box messages. If using a tortilla to make a wrap, you'll need to press the stamps in a line about 1/4th of the way from one edge. Turn it over and fill. Start rolling it up at the end opposite the message. Your message will end up on the outside of your wrap.

Stamping bread is super easy and it looks even better toasted. When you work with the cheese slices you need to be gentle. Too much pressure and you will actually cut the letters out of the cheese.

Go, start stamping your food and be sure to send me pictures of what you find to stamp. I'd love to know what stamped foods end up in your child's lunch box.

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I was given a free lunch box and carton of milk in order to create my lunchbox meal for Horizon.

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  1. That's so cool, I really want to get a set!

  2. How fun - anyone would LOVE to find a special message tucked away in their lunch! So clever!

  3. So cute! Gotta share this with my sis... her little girl just started kindergarden.

  4. Love this! I've done the lettering on loaf bread, but never thought about the tortillas! Great idea Beth! :)

  5. This is so cute! I've heard of scratching messages into the skin of bananas, and they will darken enough so that by lunch, your kids can read this, but this idea is much cuter!

    Bonny @

  6. Haha, what a cute idea! This is especially great for kids learning to read. Love it!

  7. Great idea! Love the letters as I am one of those note leavers as well. :)

  8. Love this a lot! Thanks for the idea. My boys will love it. Thanks, too, for linking up to The Mommy Club. I'm featuring you today on my Facebook wall. Don't forget to stop in today after 9pm and share something new!

    Have a super week!

  9. Woot! I"m back today! Congrats! Your awesome lunch idea was my #5 most clicked link in The Mommy Club last week. You are now being featured in The Mommy Club this week! Stop on over and see your feature! I'll be giving you shout outs today and pin you to my Mommy Solutions Pinterest Board! I also invited you to my Mommy Solutions Pinterest Board. Feel free to pin all your goodies there!

    Thanks and the new linky is up and running.


    1. Yay! Thanks Crystal. I figured it would be a hit with moms. I added a pin to the Pinterest Board this afternoon. Thanks for the invite.

  10. Such a fun idea Beth! Great for the kiddos lunch :) Thanks so much for sharing at Mom On Timeout!

  11. These are AWESOME, Beth! I need a set for sure!


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