Hungry Happenings: Baby Chick Cheese Balls - cute little appetizers for Easter dinner

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Baby Chick Cheese Balls - cute little appetizers for Easter dinner

Since I started blogging and creating festive food for parties, I've shared ideas for transforming a simple cheese ball into mini monsters, a Halloween cat, warm fuzzies, a wedding cake and woman getting a facial. I couldn't let Easter go by without adding chicks to my list of crafty cheese balls. 

My Baby Chick Cheese Balls are tiny, yellow, and fuzzy, just like real chicks. Won't they be a cute addition to your Easter dinner table?

Baby Chick Cheese Balls

You'll Need:

your favorite cheese ball recipe or choose from one of my recipes

finely shredded cheddar cheese
 (packaged works best as it wont stick together like freshly shredded cheese)

slices of cheddar cheese
orange food coloring
black olives

food processor, optional
mini ice cream scoop or spoon
small round pastry tip #2, #3 or #4 or a small round straw
mini daisy metal cutter
mini tear drop shaped metal cutter
mini triangle shaped metal cutter
food only paint brush
food use only tweezers, optional


Most packaged shredded cheese have long strips of cheese. I wanted the chicks' fur to be shorter, so it looks fuzzy instead of hairy, so I poured the packaged shredded cheese into the food processor and pulsed it a few times, just to make the cheese pieces shorter. You can also do this with a knife, or just leave the cheese long.

Use a mini ice cream scoop or spoon to scoop out about 1/2 tablespoon of the cheese ball mixture. Drop it into the shredded cheese. Roll around, pressing on the cheese, creating a ball. Reserve a small amount of the cheese ball mixture to use as edible glue to attach the decorations. 

Cut 2 mini daisy shapes, 2 mini tear drops, and 2 mini triangles out of slices of cheddar cheese for each chick you are making. Brush the daisy shapes (which will become the chick's feet) and the beaks with orange food coloring. Use some of the cheese ball "glue" to attach the feet and beak to the cheese ball. Attach the wings to the side of the ball. 

To make the eyes. Slice thin slivers off the sides of black olives. Press the small end of a pastry tip or straw into the olive. Twist and pull up. To remove the eyes from the pastry tip, turn it so the large opening is down and tap it a few times until the eyes fall out. If using a straw, push it out the open end. Attach the eyes to the cheese ball chicks by just pressing them into the cheese. You may want to use tweezers to do this. 

Set the chicks on crackers and they are ready to serve.

To store, place just the decorated chicks in an airtight container. Just before serving, set the chicks on crackers. 

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  1. These are TOO cute. I want to eat these for dinner. :)

  2. What a cute idea, thanks for sharing! I pinned your post to my Easter board. Cheers!
    Lori in Atlanta

  3. Love the baby cheese chicks!! They are so cute and easy to make!!

  4. They are so cute, you clever girl. I pinned a chick. Thanks andi

  5. I love these. The best thing is that they are already on their cracker. Let me try to put something on a cracker and it will end up in the punch or something else on the table. Again you have come thru with flying colors. Thank you so much. Trish Butler

    1. Funny! Trish, you can "glue" them to the cracker, if you'd like, with some of the reserved cheese ball mixture. Then they'll only fly into your mouth, not the punch!

  6. You always have such cute ideas!

  7. I love these chicks...and your blog! I am a new follower. Patsy

  8. I am so sorry, but I could never eat one of these chicks ... they are just too cute! I would keep them in the refrigerator and talk to them every time I opened the door :) Loved them ... pinned them!

  9. Ahhh.....they are too cute. I will definitely use your cheese ball recipes, all of which sound good. Haven't read them yet, but it seems the cheese recipes won't have to be refrigerated.

    Sometimes people put decorated crackers in the refrigerator for hours and the crackers get soggy, so I'm gonna store my chicks in an air tight container as you suggested, having saved a bit of cheese for the glue & then set them on crackers just before serving.

    I see you used Sculpey cutters. BACK to the store I go.

    Thanks for holding the little chick in your hand as it gives a good idea of it's size. Sometimes things on the internet look bigger than they actually are. A whole flock of these could be made in just a few minutes. Peep-peep.


  10. Какие милые цыплята! И наверное очень вкусные!

  11. This is SOOOOOOOOO cute... shared and pinned!!! <3

  12. OH SO CUTE!! Pinned ;) Thanks for sharing!! Happy first day of Spring :-)

    1. Thanks, Brenda. I hope it feels like spring where you live! I'm dreaming of sunshine and warm weather, but it's below freezing here right now.

  13. Adorable...but to cute to eat. Great idea and the cheeseball recipe sounds delish. Thank you for sharing.

    We may have met by chance...but we become friends by choice.

  14. Those are so stinking cute! My girls just saw them and were ohhhing and awwwing over them.

  15. saw these on the TGIF linky -- adorable :)

  16. Love these!!! Featuring you this week at For the Kids Fridays at SunScholars!!!

    1. Thanks for the feature, Rachel. Have a happy Easter.

  17. Adorable! Too cute to eat(maybe)! Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea! : )


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