Thursday, March 28, 2013

White and Dark Chocolate Nutter Butter Lamb Pops

With just a few days left until Easter, all of my chocolate orders are completed, and I have more time to play in the kitchen creating edible crafts to share with you. This year, the ideas for Easter have just been exploding in my mind, and I have been anxious to make these Nutter Butter Lamb Pops since conceptualizing them a week ago.

I swear every time I see a Nutter Butter Cookie, I see a new animal staring back at me. This time, it was a black and white lamb. It's no surprise as we saw thousands of these fluffy animals on our tour of Wales and England last spring and I just fell in love with them.

Nutter Butter Lamb Pops 

You'll Need:

Nutter Butter Cookies
melted dark confectionery coating/candy melts or melted and tempered pure dark chocolate
melted white confectionery coating/candy melts or melted and tempered pure white chocolate
2 large candy eyes per lamb
2 white sprinkles/jimmies per lamb

1 craft stick per lamb
plastic squeeze bottles or disposable pastry bags or zip top bags
baking sheets lined with parchment paper
tweezers (new or used for food only)


Before you begin, if you don't have experience working with and melting confectionery coating/candy melts or pure chocolate, read my Chocolate Making Tips page.

Fill a plastic squeeze bottle, a disposable pastry bag or a zip top bag with dark candy coating/chocolate. Pipe two ears for each lamb. Freeze candy coating or refrigerate pure chocolate until set.

Dip Nutter Butter Cookie in dark confectionery coating or dark chocolate using a dipping fork or kitchen fork. Lift cookie out of chocolate, allow excess to drip off. 

Set dipped cookie on parchment paper lined baking sheet. Set two eyes about 1/3 of the way down the cookie. Use tweezers to add two white sprinkles for nostrils. Attach one ear to each side of the cookie near the eyes. Freeze if you used confectionery coating or refrigerate pure chocolate until set. 

Draw a circle that is larger than your dipped Nutter Butter Cookie Lambs on a piece of paper. Set the paper under a piece of parchment paper on a baking sheet. 

Fill a plastic squeeze bottle, a disposable pastry bag, or zip top bag with white confectionery coating or white chocolate. Pipe a furry circle onto the parchment paper. Fill it in. Set a craft stick on top. Cover it with more chocolate. Set a Nutter Butter Lamb on top, centering it over the furry chocolate body. 

Pipe white chocolate fur onto the top of the Nutter Butter Lamb's head.  Freeze if you used confectionery coating or refrigerate pure chocolate until set about 5 minutes.

Store in an airtight container for up to several weeks. Package in clear cellophane bags, tie with a ribbon and give as Easter party favors or set on a platter to serve for dessert.

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  1. Beth, I love these sheep! SO awesome! :)

  2. Oh my goodness...these are absolutely adorable! Great job them!

  3. I LOOOOOOOOVE them, Beth! Perfect use of the Nutter Butters! Time to make another run to the store for a pack!

  4. I CANNOT STAND IT!! These are genius. Dark chocolate, white chocolate, AND a nutter butter? Yes please! So cute and definitely pinning.

  5. Not only are you very clever with food, your now a mind reader. I tried to make peeps by outlining them and filling in and failed terribly. My tip was to large and I was going to ask you where you get yours and walla! it's at the end. These are so so so adorable. Like I say, it's Disneyland in there. lol Thanks for these. Trish Butler PS What is the profile about. I don't understand a lot of computer stuff.

  6. These are some of the cutest Easter Treats EVER!

  7. They look like the sheep from Aardman Animation -- Shaun the Sheep! My daughter would love these! :-)

    1. Funny, I didn't even know what Shaun of the Sheep was, but you are right these look exactly like him. I just looked at lots of pictures of cartoon character sheep and used what I thought was the cutest.

  8. Absolutely adorable!!! The white chocolate wool looks fluffy too ;)

  9. How did I miss seeing this on the 28th? They're absolutely adorable, especially the ones where you off-set the eyes - makes them look mischevious. You think we don't notice these things - HA.

    Is there a reason you used craft sticks rather than white pop sticks? I imagine it's because they're flatter, but what if you built up the white chocolate where the pop stick would go? Would that work or would it still be too bulky?

    I was absolutely bent over laughing at your comment: "You see a Nutter Butter - I see a lamb". I used to make a lot of animals out of fruits & veggies & would study fruit intensely for just the right size & shape. A produce mgr. (thinking I was confused) came up to me once & was explaining how to tell when a pineapple is ripe. My male friend smiled & told him "just leave her be - she's in her own little world. She doesn't care if it's ripe - she just wants the one with the most perfect leaves. It's a girl thing".

    Your idea to draw the circle on paper is clever. Think I'll also draw the ears so they come out symetrical.

    Lambs now - how about, with only a few modifications, reindeer at Christmas made this same way. Or...have you already done that on an earlier post?

    Bottom line - You ARE good!

    Happy Easter to you and your family.


    1. If you get my e-mails, two came one day, the Marshmallow Bunny Paws and these Lamb Pops. I try not to let that happen, but I wanted to get my final three ideas posted quickly.

      I used a craft stick because it is flat. I wanted the cookie to sit flat on the white fluff. It worked great.

      I had a similar experience in the store one day too. I was really thinking hard and searching for ideas in shapes of food.

      Have a wonderful Easter. We are heading out to a party where the Easter bunny will make an appearance and the kids, including my 16 year old exchange student will hunt for eggs. She's never done that before and is excited.

  10. yumm! these look amazing too !

  11. Beth, these are fantastic!!! You always have the greatest tutorials and the most fun ideas! Just love it! Thanks for sharing at Sun Scholars! I am featuring you at this week's For the Kid's Friday link party!!!

  12. These are ADORABLE!

    Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Hope to see you linked up again today!
    Beth =)

  13. These are so cute! I don't think i would have ever seen a lamb in there! Thanks for sharing!

  14. These are so cute! So many great uses for nutter butters but difficult to make with a child who has peanut allergies. Do you know of any alternatively shaped cookies without peanuts? Or maybe even a peanut shaped cookie cutter so I could make my own? Thanks, you're great!

    1. There are a few oval shaped cookies you can purchase like Pepperidge Farm Milanos. I know there is a sandwich cookie that is also oval, but I'm not sure of the brand name. If you want to make your own cookies you can buy a #8 cookie cutter. The shape works well. Here's link to one on Amazon ->

  15. Thanks for the suggestion! I was also tempted to bend an extra round cutter in the middle and keep it as my standard "nutter butter cutter" there are just so many great ideas for that shape :)

    1. I almost suggested that too! I have a kit for making my own cookie cutter shapes and the metal is pretty easy to bend.

  16. Thank you so much for this idea! I live on a farm and raise lambs for kids to show in 4-H. I just made these for a family coming tomorrow to buy lambs. These were so easy to make and my husband was even impressed. Thanks again!

    1. Aww, that is so sweet. I love that you made them for the family and hope they love them almost as much as they love their new lambs. Enjoy!


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